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about the work

Born 1963, Forfar

Edinburgh College of Art 1981 – 85

Post graduate diploma 1985 – 86

Dorothy has participated in many group and solo exhibitions within the UK and America, and has gained a wide reputation for her work.

Dorothy’s work is characterised by strong draughtsmanship and powerful imagery. Concentrating in the main on the female figure, she breathes life into these, animating them in a series of striking poses and gestures.

Contrasts are usually evident. In the pose itself, bold muscular forms are seen against soft, sensual contours; a delicate, seemingly vulnerable nape of neck or back contribute to an overall dramatic symbol of strength and assertiveness. Statuesque forms are created with here a hard edge, there a frivolous line. A certain economy of line where important, can be juxtaposed with a more abstract approach. The traditional “Contrapposto” pose is often exploited as a means of offering a contrasting twist and turn in the torso, creating ultimate balance and harmony yet promising vitality.

Contrasts are also evident in the use of media. Structure is firmly embedded through powerful draughtsmanship whilst pattern and texture are executed with strong colour and freer media handling.

Often the inclusion of a quirky prop or setting can offer a subtle approach to surrealism and this brings its own contrasts whilst retaining a gentle sense of humour.

This new body of work is all executed on canvas which allows further experimentation with scale and media. Dorothy never tires of exploring the possibilities which the human figure offers and continues to develop her style, marrying solid structural drawing with pure enjoyment of media, in particular painterly qualities.

Often the face is given less emphasis than the torso, hands or feet. The character and energy of an image can come from the swing of the hips or a gesture and can ultimately be more challenging than the effect gained from engaging with eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore these are not representations of particular people, rather they are icons or symbols of women, alluring – but with bite!

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